Commercial & Domestic Pressure Cleaning, Refurbishment & Sealing Solutions


For all paving and tarmac, We use a rotary cleaning system, this is kind on your pointing and ensures dirt will not cover your property. We operate with about 3,500 PSI and with a high water flow rate drawn from a barrel this means we can clean about 8-12 times the area you could clean with a household pressure washer with far better results and a much deeper clean, this also means we will not be hanging around your property for days making a mess and noise we really do cause minimum fuss.

Weed control

We use industrial strength weed killer (glyphosate) this is spray applied to areas of growth, this is a must for block paving as the root will still be under the brick if weeds are present, the weed killer is absorbed by the root and killed off, however even though its the best on the market it is only good for 2-3 months, sometimes longer depending on time of year. Without weed killer the weeds will be poking through within a couple of weeks. Regular spraying will keep them at bay.


All block paving MUST be re-sanded after cleaning.

We carry out the re-sand once the block paving has dried, this can be by the next day if the rain stays off, we make this our priority to come back and re-sand with KILN DRIED SAND once we have cleaned.

We always know what the weather is doing and will not clean if we do not see a break in the weather as not to leave the blocks open for too long.

Many will quote you for the block pave cleaning but not include the weed killer or a re-sand as to keep the price low and be competitive, without the sand the blocks will be open to the elements and grow the weeds back even quicker and will also loosen the blocks slightly, even more so if using a lance.

Some say that using a rotary cleaner will not kick out the sand, stay clear of people that tell you this. Watch how many 20 kilo bags of kiln dried sand I get through re sanding yours.

Stay clear of anyone who wants to clean your block pave with only a lance, they will kick out so much sand as to make the blocks loose and cover your property with what comes out.


We use two companies for our sealer, both are top notch and can trust that they sell me the best trade sealer money can buy, certainly miles away from the rubbish you pick up at the hardware store. Not all paving meets the criteria for sealing, as much as I would like to sell you the service, I will advise you whether you will be getting value for money by sealing it or not. I have been fully trained by one of the companies I use and both have an excellent back up service. Sealing must ALWAYS BE 2 COATS MINIMUM and a correct coverage per litre. Two days of dry weather minimum for the pave to be sealed. Sealer does not like moisture. I use a sprayer as to ensure even coverage and save wastage.

I am not here to put any competitors down but I am here to look after my customers, be weary of a cheap sealing quotes, I have heard it all, some customers have told me stories of contractors…..

  1. Saying they have put the sealer down when clearly not.
  2. Saying they put the sealer in with the water they cleaned it with. WHAT???????
  3. Applying one coat. (the one coat wonder boys)
  4. Applying two very thin coats.
  5. Using a roller on block paving, this will pick the sand out the joints and usually glue it to the top of the brick, also uneven coverage and wastage.
  6. Purchasing sealer from an unknown source, ie, ‘Jim has a tank down Liverpool docks full of old nail varnish or whatever, take a barrel down and he will fill it for 20 quid.’ I kid you not.


Pattern imprinted concrete must be re-sealed every 3 to 5 years depending on traffic, we can add tints and colour to faded areas.


Once cleaned old tarmac is recommended to have a sealer and re-colour this can protect and transform an old drive for a fraction of the price. It will also bind the surface stone and prevent it from becoming loose, it will fill small cracks to prevent water damage.


Cleaning and staining service. We recommend a penetrating oil rather than a varnish that will sit on top and eventually flake off. Different colours are available.


A foam and clean down followed by a UPVC polish cream then buffed up will protect and make it look good for some time.

Lichen & Green Slime Removal

We have a variety of removers (that are safe on other garden life) that will remove lichen, moss and green stuff without the use of pressure cleaning, they also can prevent re growth for some time. This can be more cost effective and great for use on delicate areas.

Stain, Oil & Graffiti Removal

We love getting out our box of tricks and finding something that will clean something off something. Just ask us, if it’s a challenge we love it.

Indoor Stone Cleaning & Sealing

Stone floors can be cleaned and sealed for protection. Please ask.

We also clean;

Factory floors
Car parks
Pubs & hotels