Re-sanding for every block paving job!

All block paving MUST be re-sanded after cleaning.

We carry out the re-sand once the block paving has dried, this can be by the next day if the rain stays off, we make this our priority to come back and re-sand with KILN DRIED SAND once we have cleaned.

We always know what the weather is doing and will not clean if we do not see a break in the weather as not to leave the blocks open for too long.

Many will quote you for the block pave cleaning but not include the weed killer or a re-sand as to keep the price low and be competitive, without the sand the blocks will be open to the elements and grow the weeds back even quicker and will also loosen the blocks slightly, even more so if using a lance.

Some say that using a rotary cleaner will not kick out the sand, stay clear of people that tell you this. Watch how many 20 kilo bags of kiln dried sand I get through re sanding yours.

Stay clear of anyone who wants to clean your block pave with only a lance, they will kick out so much sand as to make the blocks loose and cover your property with what comes out.

For a free quotation on driveway re-sanding please give Jonathan a call today.