Lift the look of your block paving

We use two companies for our sealer, both are top notch and can trust that they sell me the best trade sealer money can buy, certainly miles away from the rubbish you pick up at the hardware store. Not all paving meets the criteria for sealing, as much as I would like to sell you the service, I will advise you whether you will be getting value for money by sealing it or not. I have been fully trained by one of the companies I use and both have an excellent back up service.

Sealing must ALWAYS BE 2 COATS MINIMUM and a correct coverage per litre. Two days of dry weather minimum for the pave to be sealed. Sealer does not like moisture. I use a sprayer as to ensure even coverage and save wastage.

I am not here to put any competitors down but I am here to look after my customers, be weary of a cheap sealing quotes, I have heard it all, some customers have told me stories of contractors…..

  1. Saying they have put the sealer down when clearly not.
  2. Saying they put the sealer in with the water they cleaned it with. WHAT???????
  3. Applying one coat. (the one coat wonder boys)
  4. Applying two very thin coats.
  5. Using a roller on block paving, this will pick the sand out the joints and usually glue it to the top of the brick, also uneven coverage and wastage.
  6. Purchasing sealer from an unknown source, ie, ‘Jim has a tank down Liverpool docks full of old nail varnish or whatever, take a barrel down and he will fill it for 20 quid.’ I kid you not.

For a free quotation on driveway sealing please give Jonathan a call today.